In New Zealand during the 90s there was an advertisement on television for TUX dog food. It had this stupidly catchy tune that a huge number of New Zealanders would recognise if they heard it. At least they would if there were alive and allowed to watch TV. One of the lines is "Herding the cattle shifting the mob, we're the diesel for the working dog, from Cape Reinga to the Bluff, only one feed that's good enough."

Milford Sound in New Zealand. 

Milford Sound in New Zealand. 

It played for years and has lodged itself into some dark recess of my mind, taking up space I would prefer filled with something infinitely more useful, like the German words 'schwarz' and 'schwanz', with a bit of space left over for remembering which means 'black' and which means 'penis'. Instead, whenever someone mentions Bluff, the southern-most town in New Zealand's South Island, those four lines start bouncing around inside my head. 

It’s TUX, keeps him full of life, Fit as a fiddle, sharp as a knife...

And so with this as the theme song, I am planning my next New Zealand adventure. I am leaving the lower South Island soon and instead of taking the flight I was scheduled to be on this morning, I shall load my gear into the old bomb I purchased to get me around, and drive from Bluff to Cape Reinga, for no reason other than to do it, film it, and write some more shit about New Zealand. 

For those who aren't familiar with an 'old bomb', it is a kiwism for an old car. My old bomb is 22 years old with a price tag under $2000 so I believe it qualifies. Also, it has a few things wrong with it, as all old bombs should, so this trip might end up being a stupid idea. However, I am quite good at getting stupid ideas to work in my favour. At least none of my stupid ideas have yet to kill me, only bruise me, batter me, and knock out a few teeth.

So here is the opening for my short blog and vlog series which will begin in Bluff and take me through to The Cape. Along the way I will be stopping at a few places and checking out a few things.  I hope you hang around and check it out. Like it, share it and keep me going. 


Kaine, aka The Soaring Moa