Kaine, author of The Soaring Moa and his partner in travel, Sam. 

If I have learned anything about the internet, it is that once it goes online, it is never truly gone. With that in mind...

My name is Kaine Harris and I love, amongst a great many things, to travel. Cities, mountains, forests, plains, castles, museums. In the rain even. You name it. This blog shall be a start to my writing. It may also be a swift and clean end to my writing, one which shall pass into the unknown unnoticed by the majority though, as mentioned, never truly being gone. Instead, rising up to haunt me during job interviews after some overly-conscientious jerk reads beyond the first page of Google search results.



  • Domestic travel around Australia! Great Ocean Road // Gold Coast // Cairns
  • UK in August // Road tripping around Scotland